Wellness By Dyvig

We want to pamper our guests

We want to pamper our guests with Biologique Recherche products from Paris. Dyvig Badehotel is one of the few places in Denmark where this luxurious product range is available.

Over 40 years of passion

Yvan, Josette and Philippe Allouche – biologist, a physiotherapist and doctor – founded Biologique Recherche more than 40 years ago with a vision to develop products for professionals who were unhappy with the existing supply of beauty products. Founded in Paris and currently represented worldwide, Biologique Recherche has now reached Denmark and is growing rapidly in popularity. You will find BR exclusively at Facia Beauty in Denmark.

The ‘Biologique Recherche Methodology’ has a reputation for its amazing effectiveness based on a clinical approach to beauty with pure, concentrated ingredients as well as innovative and meticulous protocols and procedures. The products are free of fragrances and parabens, and are cold pressed to preserve all the active ingredients.

We do not believe you have oily skin, dry skin, sagging skin and so on. Your skin simply has a certain condition that means it does not behave optimally. We analyse the condition of your skin and help to balance it with treatments and products, so that your skin can return to its original, normal state once again. The treatments are very specific and based exclusively on your skin type and your focus points.

All skin types can be treated effectively

Each treatment begins with an analysis of your skin, both visually and by means of Biologique Recherche’s advanced ‘Skin Instant Lab’. We then treat your skin accordingly, with targeted treatments for the cheeks, nose, chin and eyes.

It is also possible to be treated with BR’s advanced ‘Remodelling Face’ machine, which is pure fitness for the skin and muscles and provides an immediate lift and radiance. You will be guided and advised on how to balance your skin at home.

Wellness for our guests

We want to do a little extra for our guests

At Dyvig Badehotel, we want to do a little extra to pamper you during your stay. We have a sauna and shower area, which is free for our guests staying at the hotel. For other guests, the price is DKK 75 – incl. lemonade and towels. Wellness for those who wish to pamper themselves. Guests should contact the ‘By Thora’ beauty clinic at Dyvig Badehotel. Thora is our beautician, foot care specialist, make-up artist, stylist and design technologist. For appointments, please contact Thora on +45 6133 9393 or at thora@bythora.dk.

Biologique Recherche – Customised facial treatment (60 min)

An exclusive, customised facial treatment that provides visible results the first time. The treatment is tailored to your skin and your needs. We assess the condition of your skin, tailor the treatment, and guide you in the optimal skin care routine for your precise needs. The treatment includes cleansing, chemical peeling, serum, massage, mask and moisturising care for the face, neck and décolletage. We will register your skin type so that you can order products from us after your treatment, if you wish.


Kr. 1.100,-

VOR Organics – Organic facial treatment (60 min)

A luxury facial treatment for the face, neck and décolletage, with pure ingredients from Icelandic nature. The treatment gives the skin a youthful radiance and nourishment with antioxidants from wild blueberries and seaweed from Icelandic nature. An experience for those who focus on pure, natural products of the highest quality. The products’ ingredients are handpicked and handmade by the VOR Organics herbalist, and are available only at selected skin care clinics.

The treatment consists of cleansing and deep cleaning, if needed. An exfoliating mask that deeply cleanses the skin’s surface, a wonderful massage with organic massage cream featuring a mild lavender fragrance, a deluxe mask that hydrates the skin and/or a cleansing seaweed mask, and finally a pleasant acupressure massage with drops of blueberry serum. The treatment can be supplemented with organic products from Badeanstalten suitable for your skin type.


Kr. 900,-

Badeanstalten’s Wellness treatments for body and soul

Badeanstalten’s products are designed for well-being and contemplation. Their products are crafted in Denmark using exclusive ingredients including plant oils, nut butters, essential oils and plant extracts. All Badeanstalten’s organic treatments are characterised by a delightful aromatic experience such as soothing fragrances – floral, fresh, sweet or tart scents.

  • Wellness back massage (about 30 minutes incl. resting time)

    Kr. 550,-
  • Wellness full body massage (about 60 min. incl. resting time)

    Kr. 990,-
  • SPA treatment for the back (about 30 min.) salt scrub and light massage

    Kr. 650,-
  • Luxury SPA treatment for the back (about 45 min.) salt scrub, massage and mask

    Kr. 850,-
  • Full body SPA treatment (approx. 45 min.) Salt scrub for the whole body

    Kr. 850,-
  • Deluxe SPA manicure with exfoliation, massage and mask

    Kr. 745,-
  • Luxury SPA manicure with exfoliation, massage, mask and nail varnish

    Kr. 845,-
  • Deluxe SPA pedicure with exfoliation, massage and mask

    Kr. 745,-
  • Luxury SPA pedicure with exfoliation, massage, mask and nail varnish

    Kr. 845,-