Dyvig Badehotel

An exclusive boutique hotel

Dyvig Badehotel 10 years of luxury in the countryside 2010 – 2020

A boutique hotel of the last 10 in beautiful Als.
We are proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary with Dyvig Baths and you all.
We define luxury as sublime service, discretion and tranquility with attention to detail.

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Dyvig Badehotel

Dyvig Badehotel RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR 2021

 The Danish Dining Guide’s nominations of “Restaurant of the Year” where Dyvig Badehotel with Amstrup & Vigen is nominated.


We can offer a stay with room service, as well as accommodation with breakfast and a la Carte menus.



Concerns about an increased risk of infection were raised at a recent press conference, and we must once again be extra vigilant and watch out for each other.

Individually together…

Throughout the 2020 season, Dyvig Badehotel has followed all government guidance and protocols. We have reinforced our cleaning protocols and have made hand sanitiser available throughout the hotel – we call it “STAY SAFE”.

Naturally, it is very important to us that you are aware that we comply with all the rules regarding distance and precautions for having guests at our hotel.

We are proud to be able to offer you a safe stay and an exceptional experience with our “STAY SAFE” programme, which we introduced in the spring in accordance with COVID-19 precautions.

The new restrictions that were announced on 26 October 2020 mean that everyone is now required to wear a face mask when entering the hotel, restaurants, etc. Face masks must be worn when moving around the hotel and may be removed once you are seated. You must put your mask back on when you get up again.


SUMMER AT THE Dyvig Badehotel 


A boutique countryside hotel in a class of its own on the beautiful island of Als. We define luxury as quiet tranquillity, discretion and superior service, with great attention to detail. At Dyvig Badehotel, our aim is to provide an exceptional experience for our guests. It’s all about extra dedication and the personal touch, so that each guest can enjoy a sublime experience.

With our relaxing, timeless and luxurious décor, we aim to create a very special and inviting atmosphere, a degree of intimacy and a step back in time for our guests so that they can experience serenity.

The best service is the one that we love to provide for all who visit our cosy, romantic and stylish seaside hotel. We do our utmost to embrace and fulfil our guests’ wishes, and we do this through elegant, personalised service and top-class treatment at every level – it’s our passion.

Our most important goal is to create the perfect experience for our guests through our elements of high gastronomy, tranquillity, luxury and comfortable surroundings.

At Dyvig Badehotel, we want you to feel completely at home with us.

The Summer at BADEHOTELLET 2021

We are very sold out for the summer 2021 – we have some weekends left doing december 2021

April Month – Sold out

May Month – Sold out

June Month – Sold out

July Month – Sold out

August Month – Sold out

September Month – Sold out

Oktober Month – Only everday

November Month – Only everday

December – Only everday

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What’s on at
Dyvig Badehotel
Article from Børsen

Great lunch in a delicious corner of Southern Jutland

The Southern Jutland Dyvig Badehotel has a gourmet restaurant as well as a brasserie that served a delicious lunch at this reviewer visit

Dyvig Badehotel is similar to the 1930s, but apart from the many antiques and old paintings …

Article from Jyllands-posten

Decadent and lovely at Dyvig Badehotel

You drink too little burgundy and eat too few pigeons, so you should treat yourself to a trip to Als.



– Avec & Wine Card of the Year 2017 & 2019

– Bistro / Trattoria / Diner of the Year 2019 – Brasserie Skipperstuen



3 course Winter menu in the Brasserie kr. 325, –


Creamy Lobster soup with seafood and herbs

Danish veal fillet with red wine sauce, baked onion and today’s potato

Fluffy chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream and crumble

Served in the Brasserie from 1 October. 2019 to March 31, 2020

Article from Berlingske

Søren Frank: Shameless luxury and pampering at Als

Beautiful Dyvig Badehotel offers good old-fashioned pampering in the form of decadent luxury and exquisite service.


Book about Dyvig Badehotel – A boutique countryside hotel.

Released on 9th April – and can be purchased both at the hotel and online.

Before. 500 kr
Campaign Price. 398 kr