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We use cookies just like everyone else

On our website www.dyvigbadehotel.dk, we use cookies just like everyone else. It is completely safe and anonymous. That means that we do not collect personal data. We use cookies to enhance your experience when you use our website. You can read more about what cookies are and how you can disable and delete them on this page.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your PC, smartphone, tablet or similar device. This cookie makes it possible to store information or access already saved information on your device with the purpose of obtaining data about you. A cookie can contain either text, numbers or, for example, a date, but no personal data. It is completely anonymous and harmless. In addition, a cookie is not a program and does NOT contain viruses that can harm you and your device.

How to disable cookies

You can disable cookies at any time when you visit www.dyvigbadehotel.dk. All you need to do is select advanced cookie settings in your browser under Internet Options. Simply add www.dyvigbadehotel.dk to the list of websites you that do not want to store cookies. It’s as simple as that. However, there is a risk that some areas of the site will not work as well or perhaps not work at all.