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Dyvig Menu

Delicious menus with fresh ingredients

We are Denmark’s most beautiful seaside hotel – located in the fairy tale setting of Dyvig in North Als. We put our guests first – personalised, memorable experiences for your stay or your big celebration! We use only fresh / preferably organic / local produce as the main element in our menus. We want guests of all ages to enjoy an outstanding experience with us.


Dyvig offers unlimited wine service for our events – or payment per bottle if you prefer, prices from DKK 375


Dyvigs Welcome with sparkling wine NOK 75, –

House Champagne for welcome DKK 95, –

Coffee – tea – drinks etc.

We can serve the following digestifs with coffee: Cognac 30 ml. DKK 65 – Baileys Irish Cream 30 ml. 65 – and Grand Marnier 30 ml. DKK 65 – or your choice of liqueur

We offer a beverage buffet after dinner with beer DKK 38, soft drinks DKK 32, as well as wine from DKK 375 per bottle and other beverages of your choice.

We offer cocktails (of your choice) after dinner from DKK 75 each; Mojito, Singapore Sling, Gin & Tonic with lemon and cucumber, etc. We can mix 10 drinks at a time and they will be placed on your beverage buffet – when they are finished, we put new ones out. You select the preferred number of drinks prior to your event.

Suggested Evening Food:

Classic hot dog with garnish DKK 75

Omelette with mustard, beetroot and rye bread DKK 75

Meatballs with potato salad and beetroot DKK 75

Thai soup with coconut – chicken and herbs served with bread and butter DKK 75

Cream of asparagus soup with asparagus and meatballs served with bread and butter DKK 75

Southern Jutland sausage platter with five kinds of sausage, pepper pâté, garnish and homemade rye bread DKK 115

These menus are served for group bookings of min. 20 people.