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Events at Dyvig Badehotel

Upcoming events and activities

Event 2021

Easter 2022

d. 14.04.2022 -17.04.2022

Invite your nearest and dearest for one of our memorable moments – a lunch or a delightful cup of coffee

Easter is the start of Dyvig Badehotel’s summer season

Dyvigs Restaurants at Easter
See our menu card for inspiration under restaurant on the website

Stay at Easter
We still have available rooms for Easter, see during our stay or rooms for more information regarding prices, options etc.
Event 2021

Mortens Evening 10 Nov.

On Sunday, November 10, we have a classic Mortes Evening with a fantastic 3 course menu.

– Served in the Brasserie or Star Room –


Dyvig’s home-smoked sea salmon with small salads and sour cream

Classic roast duck with white and sugar-browned potatoes – prunes – red cabbage – duck cloud and waldorf salad

Sønderjysk Apple cake with whipped cream and ribs

2 dishes 348, –

3 dishes 448, –

Remember to book a seat for this event.

Event 2021

New Year’s Eve at Dyvig Badehotel 2021

*We are sould out for this event in 2021 – Pleace call us for our waiting list.

*We are sould out for this event in 2022 – Pleace call us for our waiting list.

Once again, Dyvig Badehotel is arranging a festive New Year’s Eve to symbolise the final celebration of the year – a big, beautiful gourmet dinner and fireworks display.

We have arranged a lovely and unique event for the last night of the year, featuring a festive display of fireworks to top off the evening.

Look under Christmas and New Year for information about the event
Price per person DKK 3,995 – incl. accommodation in a double room

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