HOLD your confirmation celebration at DYVIG BADEHOTEL



Table arrangement

We use a square table arrangement in Restaurant Vigen, as the room itself is square. You decide whether to seat 4 or up to 22 people at a table.

We use a round table arrangement in the Star Hall, where 6-9 people per table is optimum.

We can offer seating for 6-9 people at three round tables or for 4-18 people at square tables in the Dyvig Room on the first floor.

Our tables are set with white tablecloths, white napkins and white flowers. White has been chosen as our stunning rooms already feature plenty of colour – gold decorations and beautiful details adorn the room in abundance.
You can order floral decorations in your preferred colours. Price per decoration from DKK 250

Beverage buffet

We can serve unlimited wine at prices starting from DKK 398 per adult guest. Unlimited wine is served during dinner, after which, drinks are billed individually.

It is also possible for us to set up a beverage buffet for the after-dinner coffee, where your guests can serve themselves beer DKK 50, water DKK 38, or wine at DKK 398 per bottle.

If you do not wish to have unlimited wine at your event, wine can be served per bottle with red and white wine from DKK 398, Sauternes priced at DKK 398, and port at DKK 398 per bottle.


Please submit your seating plan a week prior to the event. Please bring your place cards categorised by table, so that the table plan and the place cards for table 1 are together.

You are very welcome to bring table decorations in the form of pink or light blue confirmation ornaments, which we will of course use to decorate your table.

When you are ready to discuss your event, you are welcome to call the reception desk at Dyvig Badehotel on +45 7316 4300 to make an appointment. We offer appointments from 10:00 – 16:00/17:00 on weekdays.

We are very much looking forward to hosting your confirmation event and are pleased to welcome you to our hotel.

Suggested menu 1

Classic vol au vents with chicken and asparagus served in handmade puff pastry cases and accompanied by a small salad.

Danish veal fillet with rosemary sauce, roasted root vegetables and parsley potatoes.
Dyvig’s ice cream cake with chocolate and marzipan.
Coffee and tea served with petit fours.

KR. 425,-

Suggested menu 2

​Håndpillet svenske rejer med frisk asparges og citron – serveres med kold urtesauce samt speltbrød og kærnet smør.

Fransk unghane som bryst serveres med salvie sauce – pocherede spidskål og majs.

Chokolade Bavoies dessert med mørk & lys chokolade samt mandel serveres med vanilleis og bær.

Kaffe og te med sødt.

KR. 475,-

Suggested menu 3

Dyvigs velkomst med hyldeblomst og mousserende vin.

Hummersuppe serveres med pighvar, asparges og urter.

Helstegt oksefilet fra Sydamerika med asparges, rødvins sauce, nye kartofler samt sommerkål.

Bagt chokolade Fondant med sorbet og bær.
Kaffe og te serveres med sødt.

KR. 575,-

Additions to your party

Dyvig offers unlimited wine service for our events – or payment per bottle if you prefer, prices from DKK 398,-


Dyvigs Welcome with sparkling wine DKK 85, –

House Champagne for welcome DKK 95, –

Coffee – tea – drinks etc.

We can serve the following digestifs with coffee: Cognac 30 ml. DKK 65 – Baileys Irish Cream 30 ml. 65 – and Grand Marnier 30 ml. DKK 65 – or your choice of liqueur

We offer a beverage buffet after dinner with beer DKK 50, soft drinks DKK 38, as well as wine from DKK 398 per bottle and other beverages of your choice.

We offer cocktails (of your choice) after dinner from DKK 95 each; Mojito, Singapore Sling, Gin & Tonic with lemon and cucumber, etc. We can mix 10 drinks at a time and they will be placed on your beverage buffet – when they are finished, we put new ones out. You select the preferred number of drinks prior to your event.

Suggested Evening Food

Classic hot dog with garnish DKK 95

Omelette with mustard, beetroot and rye bread DKK 95

Meatballs with potato salad and beetroot DKK 95

Thai soup with coconut – chicken and herbs served with bread and butter DKK 105

Cream of asparagus soup with asparagus and meatballs served with bread and butter DKK 95

Southern Jutland sausage platter with five kinds of sausage, pepper pâté, garnish and homemade rye bread DKK 125

​These menus are served for group bookings of min. 30 people

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