We value local produce


We value local produce in our restaurants at Dyvig Badehotel. We have therefore chosen to work with skilled professionals and specialists from Als. Treat yourself to a little pampering with great food at Dyvig Badehotel.

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Dyvig Brasserie ***

Vinder af "Årets Brasserie" 2019 i Den Danske Spiseguide​

3*** i Den Danske Spiseguide​

The Brasserie is where we serve classic Danish dishes. The menu includes delights such as the ‘stjerneskud’ open sandwich, fried plaice and dry-aged steaks.

Dyvig Badehotels wine list

Vinder af Årets Vinkort 2017 & 2019 i Den Danske Spiseguide

Sagt om Dyvigs Vinkælder, Vinkælder og Vinkort og Vinhåndtering giver mindelser om det gamle ord: Min smag er enkel: Bare det bedste.

You name it, they got it.

​Bent Christensen Den Danske Spiseguide 2019

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